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2021 Autumn Interior Design Trends and How to Recreate them

By Anissa Reyes | Originally published September 15, 2021 | - October 29, 2021

‘Tis the season for cool weather, dark colors and falling leaves. Autumn is here!

Your pumpkin spice latte, oversized sweaters and caramel-scented candle deserve a comfy space to occupy—and so do you!

Ready to get your home in the seasonal mood? UK-based company Online Mortgage Advisor recently took a survey of Pinterest design trends, filtering the inspiration site for all the fall interior decor ideas and home concepts to find the most popular this season.

Online Mortgage Advisor also teamed with interior designer Lauren Otella to share tips on adding these trends to your own space. They basically did the heavy lifting for you, so you can head straight to the fun part.

Nature-inspired design is the top trend of the season, with a color focus on forest green and earth tones. Elements of nature create cozy spaces with a classic-contemporary look—and classic-contemporary happens to be the second most-popular trend this fall.

You can incorporate nature and autumnal color into your space with plants, green nature-inspired wall art, or have a little fun with accent pillows and statement furniture pieces. Plants, and the color dark green in general, are natural mood enhancers, too.

Looking to tap into that classic-contemporary design? For a sharp and sophisticated look, marble countertops, tile walls and maximalist wallpaper designs are the way to go.

Coziness is key this autumn. The sun sets earlier, so there’s less need for open, sun-filled spaces. Designers now are crafting intimate spaces to conjure a sense of warmth and closeness.

Room dividers, layered rooms and reading corners have flooded Pinterest boards, becoming the third most-popular design trend of the season. Add division to your space with open bookshelves, lightweight curtains draped from the ceiling, or hand-woven rattan screen partitions.

As an ode to the ‘60s, shaped furniture is back and hot on the trends list, ranking at No. 6. Curved tables, cabinets and sofas can achieve this geometric look. On a smaller scale, cases and art pieces can be used as well.

Layering rooms, the eighth trend on the list, is the equivalent to layering clothes. Both provide warmth and comfort. Just as you would pair sweaters and scarves, pair your fabrics, colors, patterns and textures. Fuzzy blankets, woven poufs, velvet, textured furniture and oversized rugs will do the job.

Furniture and decor can also be thrown into the mix through abstract pieces and silver colors. For silver, subtlety is best. Consider a silver table lamp or vase to incorporate this pop of color into your home.

Coming in at No. 10 was a cozy reading corner. To create this space, find a quiet spot in your home and place a side table, comfortable armchair and a soft-light lamp for a little illumination. You’ll probably finish your book in one sitting!

Ready for more inspo? See the full list of autumnal interior design trends for 2021 below, and learn more about how to get the look via OnlineMortgageAdvisor.

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