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Spring Shaved Vegetable Salad By Tammy Lipps At Ripe Choice Catering

Lynn Range - February 13, 2020

* 4 rainbow carrots

* 6 asparagus spears

* 1-cup sugar snap peas

* 1 zucchini

* 1 red onion

* 1 handful of leafy greens or Mache’ (lambs lettuce) which is a seasonal fav!

* Juice of two lemons


* Salt/pepper

* Fresh herbs (optional)

Clean your chosen veggies.  Starting with the lettuce as your base…. throw the lettuce into a bowl or mound onto a platter…

Next, take your zucchini, carrots and asparagus spears and slice the vegetables thinly on a mandolin in perfect rounds, OR if you don’t own a mandolin, lay them flat on a cutting board and simply, “peel” ribbons, lengthwise, using a basic vegetable peeler (it should curl a bit) and toss it in with the lettuce…They add beautiful color to this salad and whether you choose rounds or ribbons…. they are crunchy and perfect.

The red onion is best sliced so you create small, crescent moon slivers…

The sugar snaps…cut through these lengthwise to see the beautiful insides of these crisp, crunchy, sweet critters…. or cut into chunks on the diagonal…

Reach for your favorite bottle of vinaigrette Or make your own with ¼ cup oil, juice of two lemons…. whisk together adding salt and pepper to taste…throw in some fresh herbs or add a touch of honey and/or Dijon mustard to your vinaigrette.

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